Kaunertal Glacier and Road reopen from tomorrow 29.02.2020 with all the lifts!!

03 – 07 JAN 2018 // risk’n fun level 01 im Kaunertal

4 days off the slopes with the risk’n’fun team and other freeriders. Short hikes close to the ski slopes, numerous decision-making situations and downhill runs. Welcome to the risk’n’fun training session!

At Level 1, the training session, the risk’n’fun team will be developing their own freeride strategy around the content pillars “perceive – judge – decide”.

Our guides (state-certified mountain, ski and snowboard leaders) are responsible for the part of the Hardskills. This includes the correct handling of the emergency equipment, the interpretation and application of the avalanche report and everything that has to be observed at the departure. The risk’n’fun trainers are responsible for the softskills. What is the personal approach to “risk”? What changes when traveling with a group? What influences decisions, and how do they?

The goal is that you decide for yourself after the session, can even argue that you can find even lines and departure variants that match the respective conditions.

Prerequisite: Safe driving in the open terrain, terrain near the lift, short hikes
Equipment: Complete ski or snowboard equipment, climbing aids are not required
Group size: max. 10 participants + risk’n’fun trainer and mountain / snowboard leader

begin 02.01.2020
end 06.01.2020
place Kaunertaler Gletscher
input risk’n fun