Kaunertal Glacier temporarily closed for regular skiers!

Training for professional athletes again possible from November 11th!

Summer on the Kaunertal Glacier–
the sculptural power of glacier ice

Glacier ice has shaped the mountain world of the Kaunertal Valley for many millions of years

As the glaciers retreated, bizarre and distinctive spectacles of nature were exposed. These wait to be experienced today on the Glacier Road. Keep heading up to witness changes in the landscape, from the green mountain pastures, pine forests, Alpine lakes and waterfalls, barren rocky slopes and the naked glacier in summer, up to the panoramic view of the surrounding 3,000-meter high peaks.

We recommend the following highlights, which can be seen along the edge of the Glacier Road:

Hiking & Climbing

The “Hintere Kaunertal” is well known for its variety of mountain experiences: family-friendly walks to waterfalls and Alpine lakes, high-altitude hikes below the snow line, climbing tours in Fernergarten and extreme mountain tours over glaciers with summit adventures…

Icy Expedition into the Glacier Crevasse

Touch 100-year-old glacier ice, experience the light show of blues – we offer free guided tours into the glacier crevasse during the summer months.

Karlesjoch Border – cable car it up to the Italian border

Karlesjoch border – take the gondola up to the Italian border, then stand with one foot in Italy and the other in Austria – wheelchair accessible too.


The Kaunertal Glacier Road makes bikers’ hearts beat faster. Skilful riding technique and mountain panorama…for pure pleasure on two wheels.

Mountain Huts, Inns & Restaurants

The Kaunertal Glacier Road offers several places to stop along your journey from the valley to the edge of the eternal ice, practically turning it into a voyage of culinary pleasures…