Safety tips

Freshly snowed powder slopes, bright sunshine and untracked downhills. The temptation to powder down is very big. Unfortunately, the sources of danger are very high. Therefore, you need very good knowledge in order to be able to move in open terrain.

Please note the following tips

  • Never go off-road alone.
  • Check the avalanche report before you leave the secured terrain.
  • Keep an eye on the weather development and forecast.
  • Safe handling of avalanche transceiver and probe.
  • If the slopes have a gradient of 30° or more keep a spacing of 30 m
  • If the slopes have a gradient of 35° or more ride downhill individually and not in groups.
  • Look out for danger spots and drifting snow.
  • If in doubt, leave out a critical departure.
  • In cases of a bad view you should not make the run.

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