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Relaxing & Playing
- interactive adventures in nature with an app!

How does that work? The Locandy app makes it possible! The app is available to download free of charge over the free WiFi at the mountain restaurant. It invites you to choose three different theme trails, on which you can experience and interact with the countryside around the mountain restaurant. Those wanting to relax should opt for the mindfulness trail. Interested in the flora and fauna of the Tyrolean mountains? Explore nature with Charles Darwin and Dr. Alexander Humboldt. And if you have a thirst for mental exercise, you can try solving the mystery around the forgotten tower.

Everything you need to know about the theme trails and the Locandy app:

We recommend downloading the Locandy-App already at home by using the QR-Code. Doing so you can immediately start your adventure right on spot.

Flow of Thoughts

A meditative trail for relaxing

The trail takes you from Sattelboden in the direction of the Fendler Alm (Alpine hut), branches off halfway and leads into the forest, via mountain pastures and back to the starting point. Along the way there are wooden recliners where you can lie back and listen to the relaxing meditations.

The Forgotten Tower

A trail for clever minds

The trail starts right behind the mountain restaurant, runs briefly along mountain cart track to the first corner, then branches off and leads through the forest back to Sattelboden. If you love tricky puzzles and want to uncover the legend of the forgotten tower, you are sure to have fun using the app to solve each of the puzzle stations built by the edge of the trail

Walk of Science

A trail where you learn about nature in a way that is NOTHING like school

Charles Darwin and Dr. Humboldt take you under their wing and tell you about the flora and fauna of the Kaunertal & Fendels Nature Park region in a funny and mischievous way.