The Kaunertal Glacier –
the cradle of snowboarding

The Kaunertal Glacier – the cradle of snowboarding

Snowpark Kaunertal and its events reach cult status

The first snowboarders on the glacier arrived from Australia and England, and soon the colourful and wildly rebellious scene could be ignored no longer – so Kaunertal Glacier built one of the first half pipes in the Alps. Much has changed since those days, but Kaunertal is still proud of its snowboarding heritage. Some of the most legendary events like the Kaunertal Opening and the Spring Classics are deeply rooted in the history of snowboarding and have gained cult status over the past thirty years, while the original single half pipe has developed into the renowned Snowpark Kaunertal.

100% NEW Snowpark Kaunertal

The Snowpark Kaunertal will be relocated to an unprecedented location underneath the Karlesjochbahn!

The new Park “ The Naturerun” literally merges with the surrounding nature and goes through several topic-specific sections which only wait to get shreded by you.

A park for each level – next to the longest “half mile jib line” there are waiting new lines and features for you, which can not be differenter.