Press Area

Press contact

Valued journalists, for detailed information, possible queries or the use of press photos from the Kaunertal Glacier, please contact:

Kaunertaler Gletscherbahnen GmbH / Team Marketing – PR / 6524 Kaunertal / Österreich
E / T +43 5475 5566 / F +43 5475 556670

When using the material, please comply with the following guidelines:

The content offered can be used free of charge as part of your editorial reporting.
Please note that the photographic material can only be provided free of charge for the promotion of Kaunertaler Gletscher und Fendels, in the case of use, the respective picture proof must be printed.

Each photograph has to be marked with the reference “Photo: Kaunertaler Gletscher und Fendels” and, if detailed in the picture description, with the name of the photographer. A misleading, commercial use is considered unlawful.

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