Café 3440 on the Pitztal Glacier is Austria’s highest coffee house, also boasting the highest patisserie. Coffee and cake delights at the highest level come guaranteed.

It is not just Café 3440’s location that is extraordinary; the architecture is too. Like a snowdrift that never melts; like a thick layer of glacier ice sliding over the mountain, the building was erected on the exposed gradient of the Hinterer Brunnenkogel mountain. If you stand up here you are afforded a view similar to that from a sightseeing plane around the Alps: the glaciated landscape of the Pitztal mountains and the highest peaks in the Alps. An attentive observer will notice he is so high above sea level that he can see the curvature of the earth on the horizon. It is well worth taking a trip to the neighbouring valley of the Kaunertal! To reach Cafe 3440 on the Pitztal Glacier, you first jump aboard the Pitzexpress funicular and travel up to 2,800 metres and then take the Wildspitzbahn cable car up to the highest point in the Eastern Alps. The viewing platform at Cafe 3440 offers a 360-degree panoramic view and illustrates the names of the highest peaks in the area. Holders of the Glacier Park Card can visit this Alpine highlight as often as they want.

Lake Rifflsee

A fascinating mountain lake at 2,232 m

Lake Rifflsee in the Pitztal is the highest mountain lake in Austria!

estled in the glacier-formed mountains of the “Hinteres Pitztal” (rear Pitz Valley) we find Lake Rifflsee, which still bears witness to the retreating glacier. It is a glacier lake, where millions of years ago a hollow shape was carved out by the flowing ice of the glacier tongue, allowing the water to collect in the basin. A walk around the lake is an enjoyable pursuit and is also suitable for families with pushchairs. Refreshment options include Restaurant Sunna Alm, right by the top lift station of the Rifflseebahn, or the Rifflsee Hütte.


Nature Park Region Pitztal & Kaunertal

Naturparkhaus - a central hub for prehistoric finds from the Celtic period and for expeditions into a unique natural landscape.

The “Naturparkhaus” (Nature Park House) stands on the Piller Höhe, an ancient prehistoric passage between the Reschen Pass and Oberinntal with a Celtic sacrificial site. People were using this path as far back as 3,500 years ago, attempting to appease the Gods with sacrificial offerings as they went. Today you can travel easily between the valleys of the Pitztal and Kaunertal, enjoying the spectacular landscape and the “Gacher Blick” viewing point along the way

  • The “Naturparkhaus” hosts a multimedia exhibition entitled “3000m VERTIKAL”. It guides visitors through the special features in the Nature Park, which can then be experienced in the wild.
  • The “Naturparkhaus” also has a restaurant with a roof terrace, which offers a wonderful view across the Oberinntal
  • Accessible Nature Park: Kaunergrat Nature Park is included in the “EDEN Award 2013” project – a prize awarded by the EU Commission for sustainable tourist destinations. The restaurant and some hiking trails, including the walkway to the Piller Moor, are suitable for wheelchairs.
  • You can find the summer programme for all themed trails and guided walks on the Nature Park’s website