FIS Rules

  • Consideration for the other skiers and snowboarders
    Every skier and snowboarder must behave in such a way that he does not endanger or harm anyone else.
  • Mastery of speed and driving style
    Every skier and snowboarder has to drive on sight. He must adapt his speed and his driving style to his ability and the terrain, snow and weather conditions as well as the traffic density.
  • Choice of lane
    The skier and snowboarder coming from behind must choose his lane so that he does not endanger skiers and snowboarders in front of him.
  • passing
    It may be overtaken from above or below, from the right or from the left, but only at a distance that allows the outdated skier or snowboarder enough space for all his movements.
  • Retracting, starting and driving uphill
    Any skier or snowboarder who wants to enter a downhill run, stop off after a stop, or swing up or down the slope, must make sure that he can do this without danger to himself and others.
  • Stop
    Every skier and snowboarder must avoid having to stay in tight or confusing areas of a descent without difficulty. A downed skier or snowboarder has to vacate such a spot as quickly as possible.
  • Ascent and descent
    A skier or snowboarder who ascends or descends on foot must use the edge of the descent.
  • Note the signs
    Every skier and snowboarder must observe the marking and the signalisation.