Glacier Summer
a natural spectacle created by the sculptural power of the glacier

Border Crossing
on the way in the Kaunertal
cable car it comfortable and barrier-free

Hiking and Mountaineering
at the Kaunertaler Glacier and Summer Mountain Fendels
Only where you have been by foot, you have really been!

Caught cold
in the walk-in crevasse in Kaunertal

summer happiness
at Summer Mountain Fendels
Games and Fun for the whole family

Adventure and Action
at Summer Mountain Fendels
Mountaincarts and Trailbikes

New from autumn 2019
Falginjochbahn 3,113 m
More modernity and comfort on the Kaunertal Glacier


11 OCT // 34. Kaunertal Opening 2019

Waiting has an end! The 800 m Half Mile Jib Line 3.0, new side events and a completely new location at the Karlesjochbahn leave no wishes open.

09 NOV // goodboards & goodschi testtour

09 NOV – 10 NOV // test the new handmade goodboards & goodski for free

26 DEC // Illuminated nights at the winter mountain Fendels

Enjoy illuminated winter nights and cozy hut evenings at Fendels Winter Mountain!

02 JAN // 03 – 07 JAN 2018 // risk’n fun level 01 im Kaunertal

Decide yourself, find your own line.
The risk’n‘fun tour plan will be packed again in the coming winter.

29 FEB // Snowhow workshop at Kaunertal Glacier

The two-day workshop unites practice and theory, with the focus on field practice.

My Kaunertal – Holiday in Tirol

The Kaunertal – a valley of contradictions. It’s difficult to describe: you have to experience it for yourself. A deep valley cut between high mountain peaks, which at first sight block the horizon, yet still afford an expansive vision of wild natural beauty. A mountain world of high peaks and boundless views, which somehow inspires limitless freedom and adventure yet remains cosy and homely.

Kaunertal Glacier Road - a natural spectacle

As a result of the retreating glacier, a unique natural landscape has opened up in Hinteres Kaunertal (rear Kauner Valley), which to the attentive visitor becomes an ever-changing natural spectacle. A trip on the Kaunertal’s Glacier Road incorporates every vegetation level in the Alps…