Change of nature
belong the glacier road
Enjoy insights into the Kaunertaler mountains, which have been hidden under a big layer of snow for a long time.

Border Crossing
at the Kaunertal Glacier
Cable car up to the Italian Border at 3,108 m

Everything is possible
at the Kaunertaler Glacier
unique natural spectacle – green valleys and white mountains!

Caught ice cold!
meet the eternal ice close up
walk-in crevasse open daily!!

Your Mountaincart Experience
Fendels Summer Mountain
open every Thursday and Sunday

along the Kaunertal Glacier Scenic Road


23 JUN // 17. Kaunertaler Gletscherkaiser XXL Radmarathon

On June 17th 122 km and 4000 vertical meters have to be covered for the first time. But the highest mountain arrival in Austria on the Kaunertal Glacier remains the highlight of the event.

04 JUL // Every Thursday Night Mountaincarting with BBQ

The nights on the mountain can not only be experienced in winter – also in summer it is possible to go night tobogganing on the 4.5 km lighted track.

07 JUL // Sattelklausenfest

traditional celebration at Fendels Summer Mountain

14 AUG // star experience Gepatsch

When, after sunset, the fantastic mountain panorama draws contours in the sky, your stay in the face of the Gepatschferner becomes an adventure. With this guided star experience in the heart of the Ötztal Alps, we look into the truly dark night sky of the Kaunertal Valley and can see the traces of our past in countless stars.

29 AUG // ORF Radio Tirol Sommerfrische

The ORF Radio Tirol Sommerfrische will be broadcast live from Sommerberg Fendels.

My Kaunertal – Holiday in Tirol

The Kaunertal – a valley of contradictions. It’s difficult to describe: you have to experience it for yourself. A deep valley cut between high mountain peaks, which at first sight block the horizon, yet still afford an expansive vision of wild natural beauty. A mountain world of high peaks and boundless views, which somehow inspires limitless freedom and adventure yet remains cosy and homely.

Your trip to the Kaunertal Glacier