My Glacier
& Fendels Wintermountain

*The wild side of *
Kaunertal Glacier

Boundless Freedom
at Kaunertal Glacier

Fendels Wintermountain

Fendels Wintermountain

My Winter Nights
at Fendels Winter Mountain

My Winter Nights
at Kaunertal Glacier


21 FEB // Illuminated nights at the winter mountain Fendels

Enjoy illuminated winter nights and cozy hut evenings at Fendels Winter Mountain!

22 MAR // Choice Company Split Camp

22 – 24 MAR // From the first avalanche training, risk management workshops, to the splitting up and rope techniques. A workshop for all – for experienced freerider or backcountry rookies.

30 MAR // FreerideTestival presented by BMW xDrive

30 – 31 MAR // The FreerideTestival in cooperation with BMW xDrive offers in March the opportunity to get to know the Kaunertal glacier off the slopes.

30 MAR // goodboards & goodski Testtour

30 – 31 MAR // test the new handmade goodboards & goodski for free


06 APR – 12 MAY // Since last spring, the Kaunertal Snowpark has definitely been a “place to be” when it comes to celebrating one or the other powder run in the spring and then a perfectly shaped park!

My Kaunertal – Holiday in Tirol

The Kaunertal – a valley of contradictions. It’s difficult to describe: you have to experience it for yourself. A deep valley cut between high mountain peaks, which at first sight block the horizon, yet still afford an expansive vision of wild natural beauty. A mountain world of high peaks and boundless views, which somehow inspires limitless freedom and adventure yet remains cosy and homely.