Kaunertal Glacier Road
experience all 6 vegetation levels of the Alps

Adventure & Action
Mountaincarting at Fendels Sommer Mountain

26 SEP 2020
Ski season start at the Kaunertal Glacier

09 – 11 OCT 2020
35. Kaunertal Opening

Golden autumn along
the Kaunertal Glacier Road

26 SEP // Start skiing season at the Kaunertal Glacier
26 SEP // Start skiing season at the Kaunertal Glacier

Any one else who hardly can not wait to make their first turns in the snow again?
From September 26th, 2020 you have the chance again to decorate the slopes of the Kaunertal Glacier with yur tracks.

Kaunertal - the darkest place in Austria
Kaunertal - the darkest place in Austria

The Kaunertal Glacier Road provides safe access to a magical place in the middle of a mountain world formed by the glacier ice at around 2,000 m, the Gepatsch in the Kaunertal.
Here, away from the cities and far away from artificial light, you can experience an unforgettable deep look into a dark night sky, the history of the universe and also of time.


23 SEP // star experience Gepatsch

When, after sunset, the fantastic mountain panorama draws contours in the sky, your stay in the face of the Gepatschferner becomes an adventure. With this guided star experience in the heart of the Ötztal Alps, we look into the truly dark night sky of the Kaunertal Valley and can see the traces of our past in countless stars.

09 OCT // 35. Kaunertal Opening 2020

09 – 11 OCT // Waiting has an end! The 800 m Half Mile Jib Line 3.0, new side events and a completely new location at the Karlesjochbahn leave no wishes open.

09 OCT // Fallruns at Snowpark Kaunertal

#naturerun 2.0 is waiting for you! While the summits get covered in white gold, the always rising motivation for more shred action is unstoppable! Don’t worry! We have build another banger version of Snowpark Kaunertal for some crazy #fallrun shreds.

28 NOV // goodboards & goodschi testtour

09 NOV – 10 NOV // test the new handmade goodboards & goodski for free

13 MAR // Kaunertal Freeride Days

free freeride ski test at the Kaunertal Glacier

My Kaunertal – Holiday in Tirol

The Kaunertal – a valley of contradictions. It’s difficult to describe: you have to experience it for yourself. A deep valley cut between high mountain peaks, which at first sight block the horizon, yet still afford an expansive vision of wild natural beauty. A mountain world of high peaks and boundless views, which somehow inspires limitless freedom and adventure yet remains cosy and homely.

Your trip to the Kaunertal Glacier