Delicacies along the Kaunertal Glacier Road

Alpine huts and restaurants on the Kaunertal Glacier & Fendels

Whether you want to take a break while hiking, recharge your batteries while skiing or simply enjoy the mountain sun: In the restaurants on the Kaunertal Glacier & along the Kaunertal Glacier Road, a cosy stop with typical Tyrolean hospitality and regional delicacies awaits you. The Weißsee glacier restaurant, the Ochsenalm in winter and many other huts and alpine pastures around the glacier look forward to your visit.

Discover the culinary diversity on the Kaunertal Glacier here and find the perfect destination for your next stop!

Opening hours of the restaurants on the Kaunertal Glacier

Our glacier restaurant is open daily from 08:00 to 16:30 during summer and winter operating times. Plan your moment of pleasure directly in the restaurants, alpine huts and huts on the Kaunertal Glacier – all information about the operating times and prices can be found here:

The glacier restaurants: enjoy Tyrolean cuisine with a panoramic view

Among all the restaurants in Kaunertal, those on the glacier are a real highlight. In the heart of nature with a unique view of the mountains, the classics of Tyrolean cuisine taste particularly good. You can choose between these glacier restaurants for a break or the end of your skiing or hiking day:

Gletscherrestaurant Weißsee

At the end of the glacier road at 2,750 m is the Glacier Restaurant. On nice days, the large sun terrace with comfortable sun loungers & a view of the glaciated mountains is an attraction there. Right next to it is a large playground with trampolines, swings, slides and a small lake with a raft. The kitchen offers international and Tyrolean specialities, a salad buffet and coffee and cake. Delicious vegetarian dishes are also on the menu!

Bar & Restaurant Ochsenalm (only open in winter)

Located at the valley station of the Ochsenalm cable car, the Ochsenalm bar and self-service restaurant offers everything for the small appetite and a good cappuccino at the bar. After a day of skiing, people like to meet on the sun terrace of the Ochsenalm to take the ski bus back down into the valley to Feichten together.

To the alpine pastures and huts in the Kaunertal valley and beyond

Would you like to discover even more culinary delights on the glacier in addition to the Kaunertal huts, alpine pastures and restaurants? With the summer tickets you can also stop off at the Pitztal Glacier & Rifflsee.

The summer maps at a glance

Gastronomy & snack spots along the Kaunertal Glacier Road

An excursion on the Kaunertal Scenic Road can have a number of goals: a trip into the blue to discover the mountains sculpted by the glacier ice, a comfortable journey for hiking and mountaineering, a pleasure trip with Tyrolean delicacies – or all at once! All excursionists can expect a magnificent mountain panorama and a culinary variety of tradition and modernity in the huts and alpine pastures in the Kaunertal.

Seepanorama, Café und
Infopoint at 1,772 m

The Seepanorama is located right at the beginning of the Gepatschstausee lake. On the first floor of the building is the restaurant with a terrace and a view of the lake. There is also a TIWAG exhibition about power plants and electricity. Georg, the tenant, offers regional homemade food in addition to coffee, cake & ice cream. Freshly prepared delicacies await you every day.

Nassereinalm at 2,041 m

You will find the Nassereinalm on the western bank of the Gepatschstausee lake. After the first third of the trail, the forest road branches off to the alp. Access to the alpine pasture on the well-maintained path is permitted. The alpine innkeeper recommend the homemade spinach dumplings with butter and cheese or the cheese dumplings with sauerkraut to their guests.

Gepatschhaus at 1,928 m

The Gepatschhaus is the oldest Alpine Club hut in the Frankfurt Section. The terrace of the hut offers a beautiful view towards the Fernergarten and Gepatschferner. The hut’s landladys cooks traditional Tyrolean dishes, the Kaiserschmarrn is particularly popular.

Poetries bench picnic area at 2,185 m

Do you love “marenden” (= snacking) in the open air? We have set up an idyllic picnic spot for you just a 10-minute walk from the glacier road. Near the Rifflbach waterfall is the poet’s bench with table and two benches on a small elevation.

Alpine pastures & huts in the family paradise of Fendels

At the summer and winter mountain Fendels, hungry mountain sports enthusiasts can also choose between cosy restaurants and rustic alpine huts. The menus at Fendels Gastronomie feature hearty Tyrolean specialities and international delights.

Our mission statement: Honest and local cuisine

Savouring on the mountain in the huts and restaurants on the Kaunertal Glacier means: rather less on the menue, but high quality and preferably everything from Tyrol. The menus have been put together with a lot of love and thought so that there is something for all our guests. In addition, we also contribute our part to the mindful use of resources:

  • We buy almost all ingredients from local farmers and Tyrolean businesses.
    Fresh eggs and milk come from farms in the region; bread and pastries from the regional bakery; pasta and flour from traditional Tyrolean companies; vegetables and fruit from traders who pay attention to seasonality and Austrian origin.
  • Our dishes are cooked gently.
    This preserves flavour, valuable vitamins and minerals. New technologies for gentle cooking with steam and frying with less fat help in this process.
  • For those who want to avoid eating meat, we offer selected vegetarian delicacies.
  • We do not use plastic.
    We no longer use PET bottles. All drinks are served on tap or in glass bottles.
  • We avoid products from the company Nestlé.
    It is difficult to navigate the company’s network, but our purchasing team has a list of products to avoid. For sweets, we use quality alternatives from Austrian and German manufacturers.
  • We carefully separate our waste.
    We have set up a waste separation system for our guests and for our staff. Everyone can help to avoid waste on the mountain and to separate it properly.

Daily fresh and homemade

Regional, seasonal and traditional.
As far as possible, we buy the ingredients from the surrounding farmers. We pay attention to seasonal vegetables and fruits. In addition to classics, our kitchen also offers typical Tyrolean cuisine.

Everything baked with love

We are proud of our cakes and pastries. Everything is homemade and is offered fresh on our cake buffet. A piece of cake, shortbread biscuits, muffins & Co … simply enjoy with a cup of cappuccino.

We are almost self-sufficient

In order to be able to operate gastronomy at this altitude, you need water and a sewer system. The water does not come from the municipality’s aqueduct, as usual, but from a deep fountain that pumps the water from inside the mountain. The wastewater is not discharged through a local sewer system, but is treated in our fully biological sewage treatment plant. The solar system on the south front of the building heats 1/3 of the annual hot water requirement.

The deep fountain

The deep fountain at 2,750 meters provides the restaurant with water. In order to achieve drinking water quality, the water has to go through some processes. In the end, there is Kaunertal mountain water that is used for drinking and cooking.

Plan your ski day at Glacier and Nature Park Region Kaunertal

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