Mountaineering and hiking on the Kaunertal Glacier

Only where you were walking, you really were.

This sentence pretty much hits the mark when it comes to what you can do in the Kaunertal mountains. A summit adventure, where you push yourself to the top and manage to conquer. Or insights into nature, which you only experience when you walk sensitively through the Hintere Kaunertal area with open eyes and an open mind. Then one of the bizarre natural features of the glacier ice presents itself to you in all its magnificent beauty. And the colourful array of vegetation in each of the different Alpine altitude zones emerges.

Popular hikes and mountain tours in the Kaunertal

The variety of hikes in the Kaunertal leaves absolutely nothing to be desired: Along the glacier road there are both leisurely hiking routes and extreme tours for those who want to reach the summit. We have picked out our favourites for you here. You can find an overview of the Kaunertal valley including hikes and mountain tours in the hiking maps, which can be bought locally at the tourist offices or sports shops.

Hike over the red rocks 1,890m – 2,148m

Gentle hike, taking about 2.5 hours, with spectacular view of the Gepatschferner glacier tongue. The route takes you across alpine pastures to the red rocks, down to the snout in the glacier tongue and then continues on to Fernergarten. Bus back to the Ochsenalm car park at 9.40 am and 2.25 pm daily (bus stop: Oberbirg)

Hikes to the hidden lake 2,400m – 2,679m

The Krummgampental is a small side valley in a remote corner of the Kaunertal valley. Set at lofty heights, the Verborgener See is a charming mountain lake, the “hidden lake”, which will enchant you with its crystal clear water. The starting point for this hike is the panoramic Glacier Road.

Mountain tour to Weißseespitze 2,750m – 3,518m

Starting point is the glacier car park. You follow the trail of the Weißseeferner lift over gravel and ski fields and cross the exposed western ridge to the glaciated peak. We advise booking a mountain guide!

Zirbenweg trail 1,786m – 2,064m

After the dam wall, follow the road on the left bank for a further 2.5 km (bus stop!). Turn left onto path no. 25 and go through the forest to the hunting lodge. Cross the Oberer Hapmesboden towards Wurmetal, there change to alpine path no. 26 and continue to the site of the old Bliggalpe hut. Below the Gepatschhaus inn, you arrive back on the Glacier Road. Return possible by bus.

Climbing in the Fernergarten

Young and old, professionals and beginners – everyone finds his climbing route in the Fernergarten. Imposing rock formations cut by glacier ice and a roaring torrent which has to be crossed over several bridges. The “Holderli Sepp” Klettersteig leads over 140 meters up to the “Schnapsloch” – a highlight for every climber.

Entry height: 1,940 m, exit: 2,080 m, difference in altitude: 140 m, degree of difficulty: B.

Summercard- Your entrance to the Kaunertal mountains

For nature lovers who not only want to hike on the Kaunertal Glacier in summer, but also want to get to know the entire Kaunertal Nature Park and Glacier Region.

The summer cards at a glance

Refreshment tips for your mountain tour in the Kaunertal Valley

Hiking and mountain walking in the Kaunertal always includes a hearty meal. Here you can take a break during your hike, recharge your batteries and enjoy regional delicacies:

Hiking along the Kaunertal Glacier Road: Our favourite places

Lovingly marked with a red heart in the brochure and along the glacier road, we take you to particularly beautiful places in the Kaunertal mountains. Rushing streams, crystal-clear mountain lakes or viewing points with impressive mountain panoramas – we show you our power spots for body, mind & soul.

Stone pine cinema - Station 18

In the stone pine cinema in the middle of the light pine forest, all channels are available in HD and in nature. Sheltered by the shady green of the stone pines, you take a comfortable seat in the open-air cinema. From this vantage point, your eyes sweep over the mountain landscape as if watching a film with powerful images.

Rifflbach waterfall – Station 23

The Riffltalbach rises at about 2,800 m above sea level. On its way down into the valley – it flows into the Faggenbach in the Fernergarten – it passes through various landscape forms and stages: One time it gently ripples as a stream through the mountain meadows, another time it thunders as a waterfall over a rocky cliff. The sound of the water has a balancing effect on the spirit!

Seelesseen lake – Station 25

Directly from the Kaunertal Scenic Road you can hike comfortably in 20 minutes to the small lakes where amphibians and frogs can be observed. The view of the Gepatsch glacier tongue is unique here

Weißsee – Station 28

The legend of the lost paradise surrounds the Weißsee: “Once, the foot of the snow-white glacier protruded into the turquoise-blue water, flowers blossomed on the shore in countless colourful splendour and the shepherds of the Oberbirg loved this place. Lying in the sun, they dreamed of the woman of the white lake…”
A round of the lake takes about 20 min. If you start to the left, it has a calming effect; to the right, it invigorates the mind.

Unique experiences while hiking at the Kaunertal Glacier

If you are in the mood for something out of the ordinary, we would like to recommend the following tips in addition to hiking in the Kaunertal valley:

Starry hike at the glacier

Hiking on the Kaunertal Glacier at night is unforgettable: high up, far from towns and artificial light, the dark night sky shows itself in all its glory.

Walk-in Crevasse

If you go hiking in Kaunertal in summer, you can combine the excursion with a guided tour through the eternal ice: 15 minutes’ walk from the Glacier Centre at 2,750 metres, you can marvel at 100-year-old ice in the accessible glacier crevasse.

Fendels Summer Mountain

A visit to the Fendels Summer Mountain will help against boredom during the summer holidays! From the valley station near the Rieder Badesee lake, take the gondola to lofty heights. A programme for the whole family awaits you there:

  • easy to moderately difficult hikes
  • mountain carting & trail bike course
  • adventure playground at the mountain restaurant
  • barefoot trail, forest bathing trail and puzzle trail

Plan your ski day at Glacier and Nature Park Region Kaunertal

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