A natural spectacle, created by the sculptural power of glaciers

The retreat of the glaciers reveals a unique natural landscape in the rear Kaunertal valley, which becomes a constantly changing natural spectacle for the conscious visitor. A ride on the Kaunertal Glacier Road opens up all vegetation levels of the Alps. Over a length of 26 kilometres it overcomes a total of 29 hairpin bends and a difference in altitude of almost 1,500 metres. What can be experienced here at a very short distance can otherwise only be experienced on a journey from northern Germany to Greenland.

The bell tower ridge protects the valley floor of the Kaunertal from cold north winds – the Colline step climbs well over 900m on the warm southern slopes.
Average annual temperature: > 6° C
Vegetation: Cultivated farmland, fruit trees, deciduous and mixed woodland

Largest apricot plantation
At the entrance to the Kaunertal Valley, surrounded by mighty three thousand metre peaks, lies one of the largest apricot plantations in Austria. Crystal-clear mountain air and the purest spring water from the Central Alps allow the fruit of the Gerhard Maass family farm to thrive in the highest quality.

Fruit growing and agriculture is still possible on the warm southern slopes at this altitude.
Average annual temperature: 3°.
Vegetation: Dense larches, Swiss stone pines and pine forests, flowery and steep mountain meadows.

Nature monument glacier pot
In the summer of 2006, a debris flow caused a sensational find: a glacier pot more than 10,000 years old. Glacial potholes were created by meltwater that flowed down through the crevasses to the glacier bed. This meltwater united to form streams and formed eddies in some places, in which flow speeds of up to 200 km/h were experienced.

The ruins of the lake
The dilapidated stone walls that can still be seen today bear witness to the last permanent settlement. Until 1863, two farms with stables still stood here. These were abandoned after the Watzsee lake above them overflowed due to storms and mudflows, which flooded the farms below and almost completely destroyed by the rubble.

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