My apprenticeship
- versatility & variety & a bit of adventure

What you tell me, I forget. What you show me, I remember. What you let me do, I understand. (Confucius, ca. 500 BC)

The Kaunertal Glacier Railroads offer young and motivated people a high-quality education. In a professional working environment, young people are confronted with and familiarized with interdisciplinary fields, topics and people. An apprenticeship in our company also means gaining life experience and developing your personality.

We look forward to welcoming young people who take their first steps into working life together with us,
the team from the Kaunertal Glacier!

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What do we offer you?

  • a well-founded, cross-departmental basic training
  • early, independent work with broad development opportunities
  • free ski pass for the ski areas: Kaunertal Glacier, Fendels, Pitztal Glacier and Rifflsee, free mountaincarting in Fendels
  • free work clothes and free catering
  • Transfer by employee buses
  • free on weekends and holidays (Christmas, New Year’s Eve, …)
  • a workplace in the unique nature of the Kaunertal-Fendels glacier region

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... and

  • Euro 1000.- subsidy for the car driving license for an apprenticeship with excellent success
  • Euro 500.- subsidy for the car driving licence for a successful completion of an apprenticeship

If you want to become a part of our team, then send us your application.

Kaunertaler Gletscherbahnen GmbH, 6524 Kaunertal/Gletscherstraße 240
z.Hd. Gudrun Larcher Ass. d. GF
T 05475-5566, E

Current apprenticeships

Double apprenticeship cable car technician (with additional specialized training in electrical engineering)

Duration of the training: 4.5 years

  • Operation, maintenance and repair of ropeway technical equipment
  • Getting to know different types of cable cars and drag lifts; slope planning and maintenance;
  • Basics of operating costs and their economic correlations; basic knowledge of snowmaking;
  • Weather and avalanche awareness;
  • Electrical engineering of snowmaking systems, as well as avalanche control and gas explosion protection systems; in high alpine terrain by helicopter!
  • Fibre optic and network technology for cash register and access systems
  • Control and regulation technology
  • Energy and power engineering from 24 V to 30000V (lighting, high voltage, lightning protection, earth measurement….)

Apprenticeship as agricultural and construction machinery technician with focus on construction machinery

*Duration of the training: 3.5 years

  • Repair and maintenance work: Sheet metal working (repair of sheet metal damages, painting, rust protection),manual and mechanical metal working (drilling, grinding, filing, thread cutting, turning/milling) and welding in various welding methods (gas and electric welding),
  • Testing, assembly and conversion work on machines and systems
  • Adjustment, readjustment and control work on the electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic components/assemblies
  • Drive technology (petrol engines, diesel engines, electric motors),
  • Control equipment Electrics and electronics of machines/vehicles and programming of control equipment, hydraulics and pneumatics
  • technical standards and legal regulations (safety regulations, environmental protection regulations)

Cooking apprenticeship

Duration of the training: 3 years

  • Administrative and organizational tasks: Ordering, acceptance, inspection, professional storage and preservation of food, assistance in cost calculation
  • Preparation and preparation of products and meals for buffets, banquets, etc., taking into account regional, national and international customs, assistance in arranging buffets and banquets, as well as in serving meals
  • Compilation of the menu and of menu sequences
  • Care of kitchen appliances and equipment
  • Compliance with food laws and hygiene regulations

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