Kaunertal Glacier temporarily closed for regular skiers!

Training for professional athletes again possible from November 11th!

Real Experiences

The Kaunertal glacier and space travel.

The Kaunertal Glacier is primarily a ski resort and recreational area, but there’s so much more to do among the mountains and valleys other than winter sports. One of the most striking events at the Kaunertal glacier was the field tests for the Mars mission Amadee-15. For three years the world of space travel prepared itself for a manned flight to Mars, with the Kaunertal Glacier the main testing ground for the Austrian space agency’s field project AMADEE-15 (in conjunction with other international agencies).

Hot Heels – Kaunertal

Essentially it’s all about SPEED! Charging down a mountain as fast as possible on a board – either standing up or lying down on your back or front. In the eighties and nineties some Austrian snowboarders had a lot of fun sitting on their skateboards, charging from the top of the Kaunertal glacier road right down to the bottom. These experiments developed into probably the most famous Downhill Skateboard event – the Hot Heels Kaunertal.

Fotos Hot Heels 1993 © Uwe E. Roth